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Welcome to SoundSkin, your source for SmartPeel Microdermabrasion Systems and the FOX 1064 Podiatry Laser

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_______Our newest model of the SmartPeel, includes 3 treatment features in one great system!_____________The SmartPeel Classic:  great microdermabrasion, lower price!

_________*New* SmartPeel 3-in-1 Spa system_______________________SmartPeel Classic system


SoundSkin is the exclusive U.S. distributor for BHC International LTD., a U.K. company. BHC designs, manufactures, and distributes a range of innovative skincare products throughout the world. Our new SmartPeel systems have incorporated the advanced engineering technology of BHC to respond to the current and future requirements of your skincare clients.


_______The Physician style SmartPeel system runs on a dual pump/motor system and is designed with plastic surgeons, dermatologists and skin care specialists in mind. _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _The Soundskin Phototherapy System creates a cutting edge way to include light therapy into your skin care practice.

__________SmartPeel Physician system_____________________________FOX 1064 Podiatry Laser


We have listed patented and other unique features standard with all SmartPeel systems. These distinguished SmartPeel features reflect feedback from skin care experts around the world and take into consideration an exceptional range of desired outcomes, skin types, and environmental conditions. BHC has complimented these features with an appreciated ease of operation and everday product reliability. To review these features as they apply to you and your valued clients, click here--> STANDARD FEATURES


Once you have reviewed our standard features, we invite you to evaluate our selection of SmartPeel systems, each of which has additional options designed to reflect your treatment needs and budget. Please click on the PRODUCTS link to read more about our different SmartPeel systems and the SoundSkin Phototherapy System.


In the SUPPORT section, you will find information regarding our warranty and service options.


To learn more about our company, SoundSkin LLC, click here: ABOUT US




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